servicing a colourful world masterbatches, pigments and resin colours


We develop and produce tailor-made Dei®Tech Masterbatches from colour templates using a sample part or in accordance with the relevant colour guides such as RAL, Pantone, HKS or NCS.

Our Masterbatches are individually adapted to the customer’s polymer. We supply Masterbatches based on PA, PE, PP, ABS, SAN, EVA etc.

If necessary, our Dei®Tech tailor-made Masterbatches can also be supplied as combo batches, e.g. with UV protective agents, laser additives etc.

We have developed our Dei®Base Masterbatches to ensure the quickest possible deliveries. This range covers 50 all-purpose shades which are available immediately ex warehouse. A list of these Masterbatches with their technical properties can be downloaded directly by clicking the adjacent link.

Other product groups among our Masterbatches are:

Dei®Flair Masterbatches
These Masterbatches particularly stand for colour effects such as translucence and transparency, mother of pearl and silvery sheens, tinsel and colour flops, and many new and unique shades.

Dei®Komb Masterbatches
Additives are incorporated here in conjunction with the dye in order to influence the polymer’s technical properties. For example, we develop Dei®Komb Masterbatches for our customers with antistatic agents, optical brighteners, UV stabilisers, laser additives and dispersion aids.

Dei®Flex Masterbatches
Based on an all-purpose carrier material for dyeing almost all conventional plastics.

Black & White Masterbatches
Black and white Masterbatches with PE, PP, PA, ABS, PS and EVA base for a wide variety of applications.
Available ex works immediately for volumes greater than 1 kg.